Why Us

We offer training with a Certified Alzheimer's Disease and dementia Care Seminar

This seminar is crucial for healthcare professionals.

 Offer your employees and vendors this added value

Help retain employees,  people stay longer when they feel appreciated.

Certification adds credentials and assists with promotion. 

Families appreciate and feel reassured knowing staff and facilities are certified in specialized care.

 Everyone feels empowered, most importantly a  loved one is receiving care by people who continue to update and enhance their knowledge. 


 In emergency situations and during uncertain times, you need a specific plan of action addressing the needs of  your care recipient and family.

Long distance caregiver services available and customized.


Penny has decades of experience that helps with behavioral difficulties for people diagnosed with Alzheimer's and Dementia. Penny, a former caregiver understands the difficulties associated with the daily care of another. Penny offers  guidance, solutions, compassion, and kindness while implementing strategies that work.

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